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Provide a title for your submission, describing what you've found and how it is useful, in the terms most natural for you and colleagues in your field.


Describe what you’ve found. Feel free to put it just as you would to a colleague in your field, to make clear to them what’s new, and how it’s useful. Feel free to use multiple paragraphs if necessary.

Safety Notes

Optionally describe any special safety precautions others might like to take when trying and using your contribution, to protect themselves, other people, and the environment.


If images or other data files help describe your finding or how to use it, attach them here. Please don’t attach a preprint PDF or article. Those best belong on a preprint server, like bioRχiv, under a Creative Commons license.


“Metadata”, or data about data, help researchers and computer programs catalog, index, and search digital records like your publication. Taking a few seconds to add metadata to your publication transforms it from a needle in a haystack into a useful record for reseachers.

Patent Classifications

The International Patent Classification is a standardized taxonomy of technologies, referred to by codes. For example, C12N 0/900 denotes oxidoreductases.

If you happen to know patent classifications in the area of your finding, search for them below Otherwise, feel free to skip this section. There are many, many classifications, and it can be difficult to find relevant ones from scratch.

Search for patent classifications:


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